Solar Panels

Green Energy is the way to save the future for the next generation

Save With Solar Energy

Cluster Security Services provides alternative energy solutions using Solar Power Plants
with the help of Our World Wide Partner Network.

We consider green energy an important measure to protect nature and
future generations. We develop alternative green energy solutions while considering
the unique needs of our customers. We meet your needs with reliable technology and
innovative financial models for solar power plants.

Solar Power Plants Business Model

Our services are provided by our professional teams, who are experts in their fields. We offer an end-to-end solution model for solar power plants with our project design, installation, and operation services.

  • We provide high-quality engineering and professional support for administrative and legal processes.
  • We carry out turnkey installations.
  • We offer financial solutions, including long-term payment models, with respect to
    generation performance of the power plant.
  • We provide operation and maintenance services during the contract term.
  • We provide a performance and product guarantee during the contract term.

Installation Locations

  • Roofs of the factories, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, data centers, and similar industrial facilities and commercial buildings.
  • Ground-mounted installations.

Area Of Service

We can implement Solar Power Plant solutions for all kinds of facilities from the
industry, services, and utility sectors. Our aim is to maximize access to green energy.

Benefits of Solar Power Plants

  • Reduces electricity consumption costs
  • Promotes eco-friendly and green energy consumption
  • Offers integration with energy storage, EV-charging infrastructure, and end-to-end solutions tailored for specific needs.
  • Eliminates upfront CAPEX cost through an innovative financial model.
  • Offers reliable operation, longer lifespan, and higher performance.
  • Savings/Green energy/Innovative financial model.

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