SolarSystem Installation I.I.C


An independent computer room and data center design consultancy service that will provide… Best practice layout and optimized sizing model Cooling and energy requirements All other infrastructure requirements A complete standards-based design service … and leads to a managed tender process and ongoing project oversight and final customer acceptance The Capitoline data center design service provides a vendor independent design service that delivers Project analysis and report including preliminary design Identification and prequalification of subcontractors Detailed technical tender Technical moderation of received tenders Project oversight and sign-off ACTIVITIES

Electric Car Charging Stations

Cluster Security Services implements E-charging stations for electric vehicles. We are partnering with the world's largest e-charging solution providers and introducing successful electric charging stations. The adoption of electric vehicles is becoming more widespread. To ensure the continued success of this adoption, charging solutions and charging infrastructure should rest on solid foundations. As an industry leader, we offer an end-to-end solution in the charging business with a vast and powerful E-charging station network.

E-Mobility - Electric Cars can charge and pay with automatic online payment system

Vital to the success of Electro-Mobility, electric vehicles can be charged quickly in a wide and comfortable area by all types of users. With our service, we cooperate with passenger car OEMs to create solutions even when our customers are in the vehicle-purchasing stage.

Video Surveillance and Integrated Security Systems

Video surveillance is without question a powerful tool for public safety and security and with the increasing need for more security in public places and other critical environments, the demand for video installations is growing rapidly. An obvious benefit of video surveillance is 24/7 monitoring of both densely populated areas and remote, isolated locations. Whether used for live monitoring, recording, or both, video has proven to be invaluable for identifying individuals, spotting criminal activity, and recording accidents and other events. At Cluster we are committed to its goal of delivering high performance products that introduce features and capabilities able to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. We are redefining what you should expect from a total security solution.

A structured cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. This infrastructure serves a wide range of uses, such as to provide telephone service or transmit data through a computer network. It should not be device dependent. The design and implementation of a network environment depends on the expertise of skilled technicians. Our highly qualified and skilled network cabling installation team bring with them years of vast experience and an impressive array of industry qualifications from recognized vendors and training companies.

Professional Audio System
Sound Processing System
Projection System
HVAC & Acoustics
Layout and Seating
Stage Mechanics
Automation & Control

At Cluster, we provide ELV integration and consultancy services in Qatar for the below systems:

Access Controlbr> CCTV
Wi-Fi System
Intrusion Detection System

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